Dutch Embassy of Japan Mascots

Meet Randa and Renji- The two mascots for the Dutch Embassy of Japan!

The Dutch Embassy of Japan asked me to design mascots that embodies the Netherlands, but is also recognizable for Japanese culture in terms of cuteness. The Embassy already had the idea of having lions as their mascot, but they told me I was free to explore more. So I came up with three concepts for them to choose from:

Eventually the lions were still the strongest concept out of the bunch and the Embassy was already happy with the look of the felynes. From there on out, I kept refining the lions with the help of their feedback until they were finalized.

And that’s how Randa and Renji were born. Next to the fact that I had a lot of fun making them, I’m also super honored that I could work on these two. So I want to give a big thank you to the Dutch Embassy for giving me the opportunity to work on this!