Skechers x One Piece

One Piece is an anime with over 800 episodes. I’m far behind with it, but I love the story of this series and especially the characters in it. So when I was asked to work on Skechers’ collaboration with One Piece, I immediately said yes.

Skechers is a performance footwear company that had a second collaboration with One Piece. They looked at some of the pirate crews of the show and incorporated its design elements in these shoes.

This collection was then revealed at an event in Rotterdam. Influencers were invited to check out the shoes and have their pictures taken with it.
Because it was a special event, everyone was also handed out a gift bag. Here I had the task of creating a personal button for each individual influencer.

Next to these buttons, I had the job of drawing the influencers on the spot and finalizing them in the style of One Piece later. Everyone had such a unique fashion style- it was a blast drawing them all!

A few of the illustrations

It was a real pleasure working on this project so I want to give a big thank you to the people who reached out to me for it!

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